Saturday, October 4, 2008

THE List

So last night I decided to reminisce and go through some of my old prayer journals. Honestly, I was looking for something in particular when I stumbled upon an entry from November 1, 2003...titled (I kid you not) "My Ideal Husband". Marie and I used to make these list with all the characteristics we would want in our future husbands. If I were to update it, there would certainly be somethings that would change, but I think the bulk of the list still holds true. At first I was only going to post a few, but I decided that it would probably be better if I just posted them all (minus a select few). Keep in mind I was only 13 when I wrote these.

1. Must be an active Christian man (by "active" I'm pretty sure I meant in the church)
2. Must be goofy
3. Must be 6'3" and up
4. Must luv sports, b-ball, football, baseball (and yes... I spelled love "luv" because it was cooler that way)
5. Must love, be good with, and want kids and dogs
6. Must have a sweet-tooth
7. Must be romantic, very in love with me forever and ever
8. Must find me attractive at all times even when I look bad
9. Must put God above all
10. Must be willing to do whatever it takes to serve God.
11. Must be friendly, fun to be with, a people person
12. Must love to read his bible
13. Must strive to be an even better Christian man
14. Must not smoke, cuss, or drink a lot
15. Must like my friends (at the end of this one Marie wrote her name in parentheses)
16. Must love to cuddle (I don't feel very strongly about this one anymore...)
17. Must respect me no matter what
18. Must make me feel special
19. Must be energetic like me
20. Must be tough
21. Must be at least a little macho (yea. I seriously put this on the list)
22. Must keep me in line
23. Must love cars
24. Must like country at least a little (this one definitely wouldn't be on my modern list)
25. Must not be shy (another one that would def. not be on the updated version)
26. Must not brag excessively
27. Must not be tattooed or pierced
28. Must get along with both families
29. Must be approved by Dad, Mom, Kyle, Kelly, close friends (once again Marie wrote her name in parentheses)
30. Must keep eye contact, and have a firm handshake
31. Must be a conservative republican (this was when I was going through my whole political awakening that only lasted a couple of months)

My personal favorites are 8, 21, and 30. ha. Apparently my affinity for list making dates way back...


Marie said...

when you come visit me can we PLEASE make an updated list? please please please? this is so freaking awesome. and i love how i made sure i was a part of so many of these. dang. im such a good bffae. haha. this made me so happy. you have no idea.

Andrew said...

2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, and half of 31 (I'm a conservative independent).

I'd say that's pretty good, and it would look even better with an updated list.

jeremy said...

that's funny. i wrote the exact same list!

totally agree! especially number 27!

Danielle said...

Marie: Heck yes, consider it done.

Andrew: You're missing one vital number. I'm not saying which one, but it's a dealbreaker. Sorry kiddo.

Yermey: You have an ideal husband list too?! We should compare and contrast notes! Oh, and 27 wouldn't be on the modern list. Ha.

Molly said...

My favorite is 16. hahahahaa. :)

This is awesome!! Dude.