Thursday, October 9, 2008


I had dinner tonight with some of my siblings, but most importantly, my niece Kaitlyn! Today she was officially 4 months old. She's constantly amazes me. She's already doing so many things beyond most babies her age (she can already sit up, AND push up in order to raise her upper body off the ground). I'm pretty sure she's the most awesome baby ever. Plus I think she's going to end up looking like me...she's already got my hair, toes and big noggin...all she needs now is charisma!

And in case I ever questioned it...I REALLY LOVE BABIES.


Andrew said...

Does she still have that weird esophagus/stomach flap disorder thing?

Danielle said...

yes, but she will outgrow it. she just needs more time for it to develop properly. she's still cute in spite of it.

Daniel said...

push ups already, eh?
sounds like air force material.

Marie said...

you like babies now... wait until you are pregnant. pregnant ladies have to have ultrasounds. i hate them. you will too. the end.

Danielle said...

Marie- I actually have already had an ultrasound. It was on my heart and I didn't think it was that bad...terribly awkward considering the circumstances, but overall, not that bad.

Remind me to tell you the story later...ha.