Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Law and Order: 4102

**In the average college students schedule, achieving a deep, restorative sleep is considered especially vital. In Dallas, Texas, the students who don't get enough sleep are members of an elite squad known as apartment 4102. These are their stories. [insert cool law and order sound effect here: DUM DUM].**

Ok, so I am officially convinced the universe was against me having a good nights sleep last night. First, I woke up a little after midnight (I had only been asleep like 5-10 minutes) feeling really nauseous. Very unusual for me, so I got up and my lovely roommate got up with me and medicated me while I sat in our living room waiting for my stomach to quit doing somersaults. So we hung out of the couch for a while...watched some TV and around 1:30 I decided I was feeling well enough to give this whole sleeping thing another shot.

Well unfortunately our fire alarm had different plans. Around 3:20am I woke up to three PIERCING beeps coming from somewhere in our apartment. I tried to convince myself to fall back asleep, but it was no use. Every 3-7 minutes we'd hear the same noise. So all four of us got up, and started searching our apartment, checking that our oven wasn't left on and burning us down, etc etc...until eventually we decided we should call security so someone could come fix our problem.

Twenty minutes later, and there was still NO security and that alarm was STILL beeping. Ugh. So we call again...waited another 10-15 minutes, until finally I decided to go out looking for security. Yea, sounds a lot more brave than it is, trust me. It turns out he was on the other side of our breezeway just standing, staring off in the distance. Well, we finally corral him in, explain our situation, and he doesn't know what to do! At this point it was pretty laughable since it was creeping closer to 4 am and we still had no solution to the problem. So he calls another security officer, we wait another 10 minutes for him to get there, and once the second guy arrives he realizes we need someone from Apartment Life and calls the "head honcho guy" who gets there in a matter of minutes.

They discussed the problem for a while (it was the alarm in my bedroom...only a few feet away from my coveted bed), and finally decided they'd have to pull the alarm out and disconnect it for the night. Which, when all was said and done, only took like 2 minutes. Awesome.

Needless to say, I didn't even get to crawl back in to bed until a little after 4, and even then I had trouble falling asleep and probably didn't actually snooze until 4:30-4:45. Leaving me with a grand total of 4.5-5 hours of sleep, with no more than 2.5 hours at a time.

But at the moment I seem to be doing ok. I slept through Greek and have every intention of trying to get off work early, so hopefully that all pans out. All I know is that at the moment I am about ready to smash the next fire alarm I see...

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Marie said...

Ok so I know this was truly awful...but this post made me laugh out loud...while in chapel! Gosh. I feel bad for you love!!

ps: I LOVED the law and order reference. Perf