Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Criswell/Weghorst/Cherry/Johnson's!

Christmas this year has been full of firsts! It was Kaitlyn's first Christmas, the first Christmas I could buy everyone presents with my own money (something I was VERY proud of) and the first Christmas in a long time we had all of my siblings together :) It was awesome.

I realize some of you aren't fortunate enough to have met my entire family, so this post is dedicated to them and our wonderfully crazy/dysfunctional holidays...

Christmas Tree!!

This is my beautiful sister Devon and my brother-in-law Justin...Together, they produced the cutest baby ever known to man, aka Kaitlyn Grace.

My other sister Kelly and her bf Ryan.

My crazy brother Kyle...

My "rents" overseeing the festivities ;)

Me with my favorite neice!

Here are some of my fav's of Kaitlyn...I got a little carried away, but how could I not?!

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Marie said...

SO sad I missed it!!!!

i love my family ;) ha.

looks like it was a great Christmas!