Thursday, December 18, 2008


Who would have known
when we first started out
that the two of us would make it
through all the muck and clout?

We were young and reckless,
well i guess we still kind of are
but we managed to stay together
even though now you're really far.

You used to like frogs
but then they started to creep you out
and we used to always argue
and then you would inevitably pout ;)

We struggled through Jr.High
through bad haircuts and boys
you almost even hooked a few
even if they weren't so choice.

Then there came high school
and we both did separate things
you'd watch me throw
and I'd listen to you sing.

But graduation crept closer
and we chose our own schools
We both chose B.U.'s
so I guess that's kind of cool...

I'm glad you've stuck it out with me
I like to think I made you tough
and even if you're far away
you'll always be the "stuff".

1 comment:

Marie said...

Basically, best thing I've ever read! Girl, you are good. Ha. And you did make me tough...much appreciated.

Ha this made my month! Seriously. I love you bffae! You my friend, are the stuff.