Friday, September 26, 2008


So I have to write this paper for one of my religion classes about a bible characters call to ministry. I'm really excited about the idea of the paper, but I haven't decided who I'm going to choose yet. I'm a little partial to Jeremiah (for multiple reasons). But, I don't know if I should write about him because I think it would make it too easy since I already have a lot to say. Plus, I think it would be good for me to learn about someone else. The people I can choose from are as follows: Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, Jonah, Gideon, Samuel, Elijah and Elisha.

Any input?


Andrew said...

Paul is the most literal story of biblical rebirth in the entire narrative. Baptism by fire, blindness to sight, mercy as a sword... it's all there.

Gideon and Moses are cool because they weren't pious and neither really wanted to.

Jonah is a good example of Grace as coercion. When I was a hardcore Calvinist, I LOVED the Jonah story.

And I like Elijah because he had such an intimate relationship with God, but I'm not sure what I would say about his call to ministry.

If I had to write a paper, I'd probably write about either Paul or Jonah, because I love Flannery O'Connor and they fit in so well with her anti-heroes. That and I feel that they offer the most literal pictures of Grace. In those stories we don't see Grace as something peaceful and happy, but something tenacious and terrifying.

Molly said...

My faves are Gideon, Elijah, and Paul. Your choice though!

Danielle said...

I ended up going with Jeremiah.
Thanks for the input though, I really considered going with Moses but in the end I stuck with the one that spoke to me the most.