Monday, March 8, 2010


I feel like I've seen a lot of new shows/performances/etc. lately, so in honor of that I decided to write a review post.

1. A little while ago I witnessed my first DBU opera (not to be confused with the many UMHB operas I've attended over the years). For the most part, it was exactly what I expected it to be. The one thing that really surprised me was the acoustics...they were HORRIBLE! Most of the time I couldn't even understand what they were saying (and yes, it was in English). I know that's not technically anyone's fault, but it ruined the experience for me. Oh, and it was held in a high school...not our multi-million dollar chapel building that they opened this year. Go figure.

2. One of my least favorite performances I've EVER seen was the musical "Cats". There were so many things wrong with this musical I hardly know where to begin. It was held at a Community College that strongly resembled the school from NBC's Community (this was actually the highlight of the experience) which lent itself to some funny moments. Besides that, the singing and dancing a word...mediocre. I wasn't expecting Broadway caliber or anything, but I was definitely underwhelmed. The funny thing is I would have been completely okay with all of this had it not been for one (very unfortunate and long-lasting) wardrobe malfunction. I gag a little bit when I think about it too hard. Ugh.

3. Tyrone Well's released his new CD "Metal and Wood". I highly recommend it. I love Tyrone's stuff in general, but this CD takes it back to a more acoustic feel. Definitely more my style. Here's one of my faves: Running Around in My Dreams

4. Shane and Shane preformed here last week and it was AWESOME! I love them, and this concert just solidified that. My only complaint actually had nothing to do with them... there was a particular student (cough cough girl three rows in front of me) that kind of got to me. But for the most part it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm actually kind of partial to guy musicians... girls usually have to be extra special to stand out to me.

5. I got to go see Alice in Wonderland over the weekend. I liked it...I didn't love it, but I liked it. It was pretty weird and kind of trippy, but mostly I just thought it moved too quickly. There were certain scenes I wished they would have went more in-depth with, and others I wished they would have skipped completely. Also, IDK if it's something about magical wonderlands or what, but there seemed to be an extra dose of gingers in this movie (DEFINITELY a plus ;)).

6. Finished the book "Passion and Purity" by Elizabeth Elliot (lent to me by the one and only Molly Roberts). First of all, it isn't nearly as cliche as it sounds. It was actually a really challenging and encouraging story of Elizabeth and Jim's courtship and how they waited on the Lord's timing and will for their lives, and specifically how they pursued God during all of this/what it looks like to submit to the Lord's will, etc. etc. It was definitely a good read. ((Oh, and if you're reading this Molly, I plan on finishing the other book by the end of this week))

Well that pretty much sums it up. I plan on getting back in the swing of things on this blog...we'll see how it goes :)


Marie said...

shane&shane are wonderful... especially live. I also completely agree. I am much more partial to male singers. Female singers have to be really special for me to like them.

I am sorry you had to experience cats. ha. it sounded awful when you told me about it.

I have heard good things about "Passion and Purity." maybe one day I will take the plunge and buy the book. we will see. glad you got stuff out of it!

Molly said...

Oh, I'm reading this! :)

Glad you enjoyed the book :). This weekend I saw a UMHB opera. It was really good; well, it was slightly more inappropriate than I expected it to be, but what they did they did pretty well.

Andrew said...

I never understood the appeal of Cats. I love musicals, but Cats wasn't quirky or fun or interesting. Maybe 5 years back, my dad and I were home alone on a Saturday, and we decided to rent it. We turned it off about an hour in. Maybe someday, I'll give the cast recording a try.