Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mormonism was #21!

Today, as I was trolling through the Thinklings archives (these 40 hour work weeks are SOOO difficult ;)), I stumbled across this gem...

According to the Christian Denomination Selector...
  • My #1 result: Reformed Baptist
  • My #2 result: Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • My #3 result: Reformed Churches
  • My #4 result: Southern Baptist
  • My #5 result: Assemblies of God

My top five were all pretty close, though I was kinda surprised by the Assemblies of God result. But I guess ya never know...they always say college is the best time to experiment ;)

So what about you?

P.S. Please spare me the comments about how you aren't defined by a denomination or whatever... I get it already! Ha.


Marie said...

Here are my top 10... (oh yeah, and mormonism was #20! go figure. haha)

My #1 is: Reformed Baptist
My #2 is: Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
My #3 is: Reformed Churches
My #4 is: Southern Baptist
My #5 is: Assemblies of God
My #6 is: Free Will Baptist
My #7 is: Presbyterian Church USA
My #8 is: Church of Christ
My #9 is: Mennonite Brethren
My #10 is: International Church of Christ

Andrew said...

1. Evangelical Lutheran
2. Roman Catholic
3. Eastern Orthodox
4. Anglican
5. Methodist (this makes sense, given my generally Wesleyan heritage :-)
6. Presbyterian
7. Reformed Churches
8. Church of Christ
9. Southern Baptist
10. Seventh Day Adventist

Molly said...

1. Reformed Baptist
2. Presbyterian
3. Reformed Churches
4. Assemblies of God
5. Southern Baptist
6. Presbyterian Church USA
7. Church of Christ
8. Free Will Baptist
9. Mennonite Brethren
10. International Church of Christ

III said...

#1. PCA, which I guessed correctly
#2. Reformed Baptist
#3. Reformed Baptist (seems like the common strain for me is being reformed)
#4. Assemblies (not sure where that came from)
#7. Southern Baptist
#24. Unitarian Universalism

Riley said...

1. PCA
2. Reformed Baptist
3. Reformed Churches
4. Southern Baptist
5. Assemblies of God
7. Church of Christ
8. Free Will Baptist
9. Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (what the heck is a Synod?)
10. Mennonite Brethren (what?)

24. Unitarian Universalism