Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shalom Y'all!

I'm not sure if any of you have heard about the Cowboy Church Movement that the BGCT started not too long ago, but I'm sure at some point you have seen or heard of one of these churches...if not, it's about time for you to take a trip outside the city limits ;)

To be honest, I hadn't really given them much thought until I heard some of the statistics and stories about the mission of these churches and the people they were reaching out to. In Texas alone there is estimated to be 1 million people that are "actively part of the Western heritage culture, or bear a strong affinity towards it." Some people say that we will need close to 200 churches in order to reach all of these people. And as if that weren't enough, I've read about some of these churches where over 70% of the baptisms are adults (and the majority of those were men).

Now I'm not a cowgirl, nor do I aspire to become one, but knowing that there are Christians that are being intentional about reaching and evangalizing a group of people that have previously felt neglected by the Church makes me optimistic about the future. I can't help but be excited. Regardless of how you feel about the BGCT (and baptists in general), as a believer how can you not be excited about this?! I think we need more movements like this one that will reach people that feel disconnected from modern church culture. I think we need to start going out to meet people where they're at, engage in their lives and culture, and most importantly SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION!

Whew. I need to go get a bottle of water and listen to some Johnny Cash or something ;)

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