Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Picky Schmicky

So I've realized that there are a few things that I am, ahem, rather particular about. As a tribute to my middle class snobbery, I decided to compile a list.

1. Ozarka bottled water. Clearly (no pun intended), the best bottled water I've ever tasted. Even if I hate the new "eco-friendly" bottles...
2. The ESV translation. It's not that the other translations aren't great... the ESV just so happens to be my most favoritist. Favoration? Exactly.
3. Houston/San Antonio Tex-Mex. Everything else might as well be Taco Cabana.
4. Hair cuts. Hence my current lack of one.
5. Crest toothpaste. The Manu Ginobili of all toothpastes.
6. The San Antonio Spurs. The only basketball team that could single-handedly bring about world peace and end global warming. Hey, it could happen.
7. A&W rootbeer. My beverage of choice when I decide to splurge.
8. Female recording artists. My itunes library is 98% male.
9. Unsweet Iced Tea. FYI: the best iced tea is usually served with good Tex-Mex (see #3), or by my Mama.
10. Body/Sleep positions. I'm almost always moving around trying to readjust and get more comfortable.

That's all I could come up with for now. So tell me, what are you "particular" about?


jeremy said...

The Manu Ginobili of all toothpastes

so it's really talented but flops like a cheater? interesting.

i have my preferred brands of things, but i don't know if i am particularly FOR things. i am more particularly against some things.

-like i am not a fan of the NLT Bible translation, but am cool with NASB, ESV, NKJV and can stomach the NIV (ha).

-i prefer aquafina, am ok with ozarka and purelife but don't like dasani.

-i AM very particular about tap/filtered water. NO lemon... not even fragments of lemon OR any other fruit, mint or additive. blech.

-and, of course, i'm particular about words/syntax/grammar/spelling, etc. (excluding capitalization, obviously)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Toilet paper. In a recent attempt at frugality, I bought a 24 pack of Scott toilet paper. ANATHEMA. Cottenelle Ultra, I will never betray you again.

Marie said...

plastic utensils. school supplies. pens. haircuts. shoes. also female singers. sleeping on my stomach. pillows and blankets.

I am sure there is more. but I can't think of much more.