Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Essentials

In honor of our FIFTH snow day, I've decided to compile a list of my 10 snow day essentials... you know, since I'm pretty much an expert at this point ;)

10. Warm, water-proof clothes. If nothing else, Snowpocalypse 2011 has made me realize that I wouldn't make it a week in the north with my current wardrobe! I usually end up just throwing on layer after layer to stay warm and create that oh-so-chic, hobo look.

9. Homemade hot cocoa. One of my roommates makes THE best hot chocolate this side of North Dakota. Throw a little sea salt on the top and BAM, best cold weather drink ever.

8. Playing cards. During snow day 2, my roommates introduced me to a little game called Nertz, and even though there were some frustrating first rounds, I think I finally got the hang of it! I even "nertzed" for the first time during snow day 4! Haha.

7. Friends DVDs seasons 1-10. Okay okay, we don't have all 10 seasons, but we have managed to watch at least 4 of the seasons in record time!

6. Podcasts. So far I haven't had to miss church, but it's nice knowing I can still access sermons online. And the extra time has meant I've gotten to listen to some I probably wouldn't have had time for before!

5. Plenty of soup and Ritz crackers. There is just something so right about a big bowl of hot soup when it's 20 degrees outside. These past two weeks I've been eating taco soup like it's my job.

4. Fleece blankets. If it was socially acceptable I would carry a huge, fleece blanket with me at all times. So cozy.

3. Ice. I know this may sound a little strange, but my townhome has had to nurse more bangs and bruises since the ice came than ever before. I know I don't normally exude grace and balance, but I fell at least 5 times one day!

2. Friends. My friends have been my lifeline these past few days... being stuck on campus would have been a LOT worse without them.

1. Boyce Avenue (or whatever music strikes your fancy). This version of this song is my current obsession.

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erin nally said...

Love the list :)

Also, Boyce Avenue is freaking fantastic!!! Pretty sure I'd marry the one singing Teenage Dream if the opportunity presented itself ;)

Did you know he's a Harvard grad?!