Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Favorites

10. Dark chocolate brownies with peanut butter chips. (Thanks for the tip/ingredients, Marie! They were a hit!)

9. The fact that the weather has been significantly cooler here the past few days. The other morning it was 75 degrees outside! IN AUGUST!!!

8. Headstand contests with my roommates. As of right now, I'm the reigning champ. Please, no autographs...

7. My girls in Kids' Village. I'm so grateful I've been able to be a small part of what's happening in KV. I could write blog post after blog post about how wonderful it has been to teach those girls while serving alongside some of the most humble, Gospel-fixated people I've ever met.

6. Getting to go to GroupConnect in a few weeks so I can join a multi-gen homegroup! I've already started praying for discernment and decisiveness... So. Many. Options. So. Little. Time.

5. Pregnant women. They're everywhere, and I like it.

4. Finding that perfect backpack that had alluded me for so long.

3. Getting to spend some sweet time with a freshman girl here on campus. I loved getting to hear her heart for Christ and His Bride.

2. Impromptu story time with my roommates. We've had some *ahem* interesting stories thus far.

1. A Mighty Fortress- Christy Nockels

1 comment:

Marie said...

You're welcome. The only thing I regret is not making them while I was in Dallas so I could enjoy them with you.

Headstand conests? Sign me up.

Happy for you about KV! :) and praying for you about home group.

And once again, congrats on the backpack!