Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall 2010: Let's Do This

I realize everyone probably quit caring about my classes a few semesters ago, but to be honest, your lack of caring hasn't phased me :) so I'm gonna post them anyway! You know, cause I'm all about pleasing people.

Fall 2010
  • Practicum in Personal Evangelism
  • Christianity in the Pluralistic World
  • Research Methods
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Marriage and Family

I'm pretty excited about Christianity in the Pluralistic World, Practicum in Personal Evangelism and Marriage and Family. But since we're being honest, I think any religion class would have been a welcomed change after the train wreck that was my spring schedule (let's just say there was weeping and gnashing of teeth).

P.S. Not gonna lie, the best part of this schedule is that I don't have class on Monday or Friday :) If only I didn't have to work! Don't worry though, I'm determined to squeeze some 4-day weekends out of this deal.


Marie said...

I am pretty jealous about the marriage and family class! Casie gets to take that in the spring semester. I am also really jealous about the no class on monday and friday thing. I guess that means you will just have to come see me! ;)

Danica said...

I am taking Marriage and Family too!!!!!