Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh hello, SUMMER!

So summer has officially started! Woop! I started interning on Tuesday, and so far I LOVE IT. It's my first time really working in children's ministry, and Stephanie (the CM) is keeping me really busy and is really good about explaining why she does things and the logistics of everything, etc etc. I'm totally eating it up.

Wednesday was our first event, and it was a really good one to start out on since it was the end of the year party...and since my life is one big party, it was like having two helpings of awesome ;)

There is just so much I want to learn this summer! Gah. I just hope I retain it all and God uses this to help me in the future.

This weekend should definitely be a fun one. Tomorrow I plan on sleeping as much as possible, then potentially a movie with people that night. Saturday I'm going to a wedding, then a grad party. Then on Sunday I have my first experience in Kidzone! Ha. I'm a little late, but it's better late than never, right? Anyways, I have every intention of blogging regularly once I settle in to a schedule, but I have no idea when that might be. There will definitely be some basketball posts in my immediate future...just a warning ;)

1 comment:

Marie said...

we get to hang out saturday! :)

sunday is exciting for everyone!

I want you blogging more.

I will be ready for the basketball posts. although, I may not have a valuable opinion on any of it...